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The current way to process business payments is inefficient. They take time and resources, which can translate into a loss of clients and money. Our API payments infrastructure can help you simplify and customize your payments. Diversifying revenue streams and improving the cash flow efficiency of your business to help unleash its full potential.

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Payment Products


Hosted Checkout

Hosted checkout provides you with increased security and less risk of liability. Our system is also designed with quick and easy iframe integration in mind. Allowing you to easily insert content from any sources into the process. It also allows for multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency.


PAAS White Label

You can customize your payment system to rebrand it as your own, with a system that can also be used for trading and virtual wallets. Our cutting-edge API infrastructure uses an automated backend end-to-end cycle that ensures your platform is updated and working properly at all times.

Unlimited Global Possibilities



Seamlessly incorporate Kryptox services into your app to allow your users to instantly buy, hold, and trade the top-performing cryptocurrencies with ease.


Gaming & Gambling

Revolutionize your business by providing a complete digital asset experience for your users. Combining traditional and digital assets to diversify your revenue streams.



Allow online customers to make payments in over 15 cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones.

Why KryptoX

A methodical approach to multi-asset payments

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Amplified Engagement

Cryptocurrency payments keep growing every year. Adapting to this growing market will allow you to attract new customers and revenue streams. We automatically scale the technical components to accommodate your growth.

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360 Payment Platform

Direct integration with top payment and exchange providers including fiat currency, both on- and off-ramp, and top custodians. Our platform allows for instant settlement of payments.

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Constant Iterations

New fiat rails and cryptocurrencies are frequently being added, as well as continuous improvements to the product features.

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Fully Licensed

Fully AML5 compliant infrastructure that fulfills the regulations of the FCA in the UK, and the FIU in Estonia.



Easy to Use

Treat cryptocurrency as if it was any normal fiat currency payment. Adopt them into your existing website immediately with the same ease as the standard payment platforms.

Fast and Secure

All payment processes are secured by 2FA, and currencies are stored in MPC wallets. Payments/Withdrawals beyond a specific threshold require multi-signature authorization.

No Chargebacks

Payments are final and irreversible. No need to have reserve capital to shield yourself from possible chargebacks.


Open your business to a global market and entice them with fast and secure payments.

Transaction Analytics

Maintain an automatic record of all customer transactions to manage your cash flow, with the ability to export payment reports as CSV files and tools to investigate or reconcile the transactions.

Turn Payments into a Competitive Advantage

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Improve Your Proposition

Our API will modernize your payment flow to access new revenue streams, with a quick turnaround that allows for instant payment settlement.

Reduce Your Costs

Our platform is a cost-effective way to launch payment services, with transaction fees from 1%. Save on compliance costs, as well as ongoing and tech maintenance.

Access to a $1 Trillion Crypto Market

Accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, that are settled instantly. Allowing you to have full control over your money.

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